a tiny site about us.

we can also be found at listography, pinterest, and PluralKit.

so what's this about

this is the homepage of a plural system. plurality is, at the most basic level, the experience of having more than one person in your head. it may stem from trauma, mental illness, or just brain weirdness.

- some of us have been here for as long as we can remember

- some of us arrived more recently; for us, this usually happens as a reaction to stress or trauma, but may also happen for no obvious reason

- some of us are fictives, or fictional introjects; people whose identities come from fictional media.

- the words "postfictive" and "demifictive" are also used here; they mean, respectively, someone who was previously a fictive but no longer thinks of themself as one, and someone whose identity is partly based in a fictional character and partly not. they're just words that make identity easier to talk about for us sometimes.

- many of us are not human, or look nothing like our shared body, because at some point we realised that hey, it's our brain, and we didn't have to stick to that, so hell, why not be an awesome alien bug monster/birb/demon/glow cloud?

- we have varying genders and sexualities (or lack thereof) and pronouns

- not inclined to talk in detail about our system's origins publicly, sorry

- brains do some pretty weird stuff, huh

- if you're reading this and you know us and you're thinking "what? this person has been here since 2009, why have i never heard of them?" there's a roughly 100% chance that it's because that person has changed their name. some of us aren't great at sticking with names for more than a year or two.