aspen moodboard: clouds, space, a videogame character and a pin with empty checkboxes next to the words 'boy' and 'girl' and a check next to the word 'nope'.
"do not fuck with me, i WILL cry in public"
ey/em or they/them;☁️ ; june 19th

aspen has been here since summer 2017. ey was created thanks to medical trauma, and still tends to get stuck dealing with anything like that. ey is agender and wants nothing to do with the whole concept. in fact, ey wants nothing to do with the whole concept of having a physical, tangible form and usually appears in headspace as a sort of... person-shaped glowing gas cloud. if you're familiar with the novakids from Starbound, basically those.

a lot more emotionally open than many of us. ey believes in radical kindness, petting cats a lot, and hiding out in blanket forts whenever possible.