a tiny site about us.

we can also be found at listography, pinterest, and PluralKit.

katya moodboard: the moulin rouge, a bottle shaped like a skull, a snake tank with -caution, snake lunges at face when door opens- on it, text -you're still a rockstar, i whisper to myself as i take my multivitamin and get into bed at 9pm-
so what? i'm still a rockstar
she/her;🔥;june 2nd (gemini)

Kat is maybe the oldest/first person here, along with her twin Lumi. she was the main frontrunner for parts of our childhood and through the late 00s. used to drink too much vodka and stay out late; now she drinks half a glass of wine and falls asleep on the couch. since the 2012 shakeup she's preferred to hang out in the back most of the time though she'll front to see old friends or listen to her favourite music or watch fireworks. she likes fire. fire's like, her thing.