a tiny site about us.

we can also be found at listography, pinterest, and PluralKit.

who we are


the group that's been here the longest; everyone in lacerta got here through splitting directly from someone else and can be traced back to the 'original'.

aspen: here since 2017; agender, friendly, sweet, ey/em or they/them

forest: a subsystem who sometimes feels like/presents as one person.

emery: been around a long time. 30something. she/her. weird alien monster.

katya: lumi's twin, here since childhood. 40ish. she/her "or whatever".

lumi: been here since childhood, old, she/her, lesbian, a bit shy

starling: been here for a few decades at least. 20something. any pronouns.


auriga have been around a long time; they're all pre-2010 arrivals, from our teens and twenties.

axel: here since early 2000s; unsocial, cynical, oddly enough a total romantic. he/him

emilia: she/her, angry dead girl, has been here for a very long time; the oldest non-lacerta system member.

iphis: he/him or she/her, 30something, postfictive, nonbinary he/him lesbian, likes girls and brandy

lin: weird artist insect alien girl. around 30ish. she/her

victor: he/him, in his 40s, dead, demifictive, quiet and thoughtful, very rarely talks outside the system.


vela are a group of more recent arrivals. after we went through a period of intense grief, stress and life change in 2012, we had a major system shakeup and most of them arrived around that time.

lynx: here since 2015ish, she/her, cat/girl/catgirl, 20something

lyr: here since 2012, he/him, 20something, fishboy, a bit shy and awkward

nera: teenager, probably about 17. she/her. here since circa 2014.

rae: here since 2012; she/her, girl more or less??, 20something, huge fuckin' dork, likes sheep

zinnia: teenage girl, 17ish, total sweetheart, likes pink, she/her


pavo are the group who arrived during/after another big life shakeup (a much more positive one this time - becoming a parent, moving to a new town) to help cope with the stresses associated with change and new parenthood.

lucretia: usually in her 50s, sometimes age-slides younger. she/her. fictive. 2018 arrival.

luz: mom friend, but in a chaotic kinda way. old. determined as hell. she/her

nebula: randomly appears every now and then, about 11 years old. any pronouns.

thorn: more-or-less human, around 40, they/them or xe/xem/xyr, agender/xenogender.


... and then 2020 happened.

jon: arrived in spring 2020, which was a fun time for everyone. he/him, 30s

krzysz: here since 2021, he/him, late 20s

agnes: fictive, official member of the Dead Girls Club, she/her, "technically a boomer"

bronagh: teenage goth, very quiet/semi-verbal, she/her, likes bones